Mindfulness and your inbox

23 Mar

We don’t open or read every email in our inbox, nor do most of us scour through our  junk mail with fascination and hope of all that it might offer. You see that it is spam or junk and delete it.  Better yet, you have an email filter that does that for you so you don’t waste any of your time.

Mindfulness to the mind is what spam blocker is to your inbox. When you start to become aware,  you get more familiar with your thoughts and can more easily recognize the junk mail. Minimize the mind clutter!  Do not become engrossed in every thought the mind encounters it wastes your precious time. We can’t get more time in the day  but we can become more efficient. Becoming aware of these thoughts  is the first step. It is time to find  way to “unsubscribe” to those distribution lists your own mind produces!


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