Soap bubbles or stone? Your choice.

16 Aug

Our mind can trick us into believing that our thoughts are a definitive truth about reality. When we take a close look and really see these “solid” mental objects or blockades, we can see they are not solid at all but actually a bit transparent and flimsy.  The rock can become a soap bubble with a little introspection and awareness.

If you begin to see thinking as a process rather than getting pulled into the story that we all weave in our minds, the thought does not become stone but rather a soap bubble that can easily be popped. Discovering your thoughts can be dispelled like this is empowering. It teaches you to stop listening to the chatter so much and to not rely so much on thinking.  Our thoughts are simply what our mind constructs for us and will be distorted and shaped by our experiences.

As we start to give up some of of our thoughts and ideas, it becomes clear the cost to maintain those ideas. Generally it takes a lot protection, upkeep and feeding.

Stop feeding your thoughts that lead to misery and loss of confidence.

You don’t lose who you are or what you are becoming. You will find that you lose the anxious necessity for things to always go a certain way.  You will find yourself letting go and observing the process rather than going into the story telling spiral. You will become who you actually are rather then your story of who you are.

[Story 24 from Wild Chickens & Petty Tyrants by Arnie Kozak]


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