Still waters

22 Aug

This was a good lesson to read for today.  I somehow  was hit with ripples that were bigger than I expected and momentarily lost sight of the ground.  I am back in the silt now and feeling better.


The mind is referred to as a pool of water by many. Our thoughts cause ripples across the surface which then obscure our vision of the ground lining the pool of water.  The thoughts change the surface, but not the ground underneath. The ground is always there holding the water.

If we only identify ourselves with the surface, we are at the mercy of the winds and daily drama. No wind means smooth water but at the slight disturbance of the surface then our clarity is compromised.

Try pushing your well-being further from the surface and more towards the ground. It can free you from dependence of things outside of your control.  Mindfulness lets you see the ground past the ripples and allows the silt to settle.  Even the mud is part of the path.

[Story 30 from Wild Chickens & Petty Tyrants by Arnie Kozak]


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