The New Moon

16 Sep

[This is Part 2 of the story of meeting Luna from the previous post.]

I came back that same evening with Brodhi (my other dog) and Paul (husband) to meet Luna. Fortunately the lawn guys are gone and we can hang out in the yard. The woman exclaimed how big a dog Brodhi was (he is a lab size).  Then I realized that even though she told me that Luna was living with all breeds of dogs and cats, the biggest dog I saw at the door was a beagle.  So they have only smaller dogs I presume.

Luna’s first response to Brodhi was to lunge and air snap.  When Luna did that behavior the woman verbally corrected Luna by harshly yelling  her name and saying  “Shhh Shhh” and   “NO” or something.  I don’t know really but I know the dog behavior was normal and long over before she uttered her first word. So I turned and corrected the woman by explaining I want to see her normal behavior and interactions without altering it. We decided to go for a walk with the dogs. They look so much alike it is strange.  They are a perfect matching set.

The whole walk there was literally no interaction between the two of them while they were walking.  Luna was walking crouched, scanning the environment, trying to figure out the leash walking thing. Brodhi was on alert scanning and putting his nose into the thousands of gopher holes along the road. Completely different agendas. At one point Paul crouched down one knee and Luna jumped up on his leg that was horizontal.  Brodhi started to come over and she growled at him. Interesting.

When we got back to the house I asked the woman if she ever saw space or lap guarding behavior in the home with other dogs when Luna was near her. Her response was something like ” Well when I sit down all the dogs jump into my lap and if there are any squabbles I just correct it.  It is as simple as that.”  Yet again, another vague answer that doesn’t answer my question about Luna’s behavior. We hung out in the yard a bit more. Brodhi was focused on the goats and domestic rabbits in a puppy pen in the yard. They drank from a water bucket together and Luna licked his face. I thought to myself that since she was so small we would just figure it out.

We said we wanted to think about it overnight.  She gave me the adoption application and her “paperwork” which consisted on a one page medical record that had just a few lines from a new puppy exam 2 years ago.  On that form was the previous owners name, address, and phone number. Is that even legal I wondered? It was unclear when her shots were given last or due as the only info I had was from 2 years ago. I was assured that she had all the vaccinations.  We decided the next morning that we wanted to give it a try.

The adoption application was a joke- filled with questions that make  the adopter feel like an enemy rather than an alley. Questions that close the conversation or never open one in the first place. Asking you to divulge all your prior history with every dog, your vets information, your landlord information, asking you to justify what you will do in the event of (your dog getting very sick, having to move to place that doesn’t take dogs, etc).  It describes them bringing the dog to you for a required home visit and if you pass their inspection they will decide to leave the dog with you or not. They sure need a lot of advice about the adoption process. They could model the ASPCA very easily or take one of their workshops on how to talk to adopters and have an awesome adoption process.

So I fill everything out and go to pick her up the following evening. I planned extra time as I expected it to be quite a conversation and a process, not even thinking I was bringing her home that night but unsure.  I tossed a crate in the car just in case.  So I pulled up to the house and the woman was taking out some trash.  She said she would be right back with her for me.  She brought out Luna with no collar or leash this time and said she would trade me (dog for the paperwork in my hand).  She took a nanosecond glance at the papers I filled out (it was not even all filled out as I was uncertain what a few things meant), took my $150 and said “ok, hope you enjoy her”.  That was that. I took her to my car and put her in the crate and drove away.  The whole exchange between us took less than 1 minute. It felt like a drug deal happening behind the trailer park on a dirt road.  I sort of felt like telling her should put in a drive-through. I made one stop on the way home and took this short video of her in back of my car. Video here

I was almost home, still a bit in shock, looking at Luna  in my rearview mirror and realized I didn’t have her rabies certificate. I would need that in order to get a license. I also realized I didn’t know the company who her microchip number is through to change that either. I called the woman and asked her to let me know if she had it or if I needed to vaccinate her. I have not received a response and that was over a week ago.

We just ordered new vaccines for her, plus her Heartguard and Frontline.  I think she has fleas as she is very itchy and had bites along her neck that look like flea bites. I gave her a bath within an hour of coming home and she was anxious but was a good sport about it.  The water was black was it went down the drain. I think she spent a lot of time outside and who knows what her story really is.

She slept most of the weekend while we tried to pick a name for her. We decided we liked Luna best for many reasons. One is that we live in the “Valley of the Moon” so a location based name seems appropriate. Since she is likely Chihuahua X, Paul was leaning towards a Spanish sounding name.  She really  is Kyra’s polar opposite in behavior, and Kyra meant “sunbeams/sunlight”.  Monday  I realized the street parallel from where we picked her up is called La Luna.  I also realized the new moon happened on Sep 8, the day I met her and Mercury was still in Retrograde. So of course her name is Luna, there is no other name that makes so much sense.


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