The bed dilemma.

21 Sep

I have a little dog and only big beds. Although they sometimes do sleep on the beds together,  I didn’t think Brodhi should be forced to share his bed unless he wanted to.

So I bought 2 small dog beds that are similar shape and even the same color as one of the big beds, and put them around the house. The little dog, Luna, loves them and it gives her a great alternative place to sleep when she would rather be in my lap. Here she is curled up one.

The problem now is that the big dog is trying to fit in the bed too.  Although he uses them, he doesn’t seem quite comfortable in them, yet he keeps trying it out.  Yesterday Luna approach Brodhi in “her” bed and she pawed lightly at his face, he groaned and turned his head away, she whined and walked away.

I know little one, it’s not fair. He clearly doesn’t fit but weighs 45 lbs more than you and is clearly not moving, so he wins.


One Response to “The bed dilemma.”

  1. ellenewman September 21, 2010 at 4:18 pm #

    Oh so darling! I am SO enjoying reading about Luna. I had the same bed dilemma with Rubus (husky) and Clovis (cat). Clovis loved Rubus’s beds… and boxes, so I figured he’d love a bed. He does sometimes use his bed but if it’s on the floor Rubus will be more likely to lie on it than Clovis… Even though you can’t even see the bed under Rubus!

    I’m so happy it’s going well for your family and Luna!

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