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Babble ball snakeout!

26 May

Kiwi is (still) in love with her babble ball. I wish I could find something that stays at this level of interest for this long!


Curiosity of the MannersMinder

3 May

So I had just finished a training session with Kyra, working on “Place” using the mat. I left Brodhi in the house and took Kyra outside for a potty break. I had not turned off the video camera…

Trouble in the tea closet

3 May

Kiwi likes to play around and chew on this little shelf that has a door- it is closet sized for her, and I keep tea in it, so it is the tea closet.

Usually she sits on the top and works on her re-roofing project.  She is in the process of ripping off the top layer, and not sure where she is going with that.

Yesterday she opened the front and crawled inside, so I placed the video on her and left her alone.  She proceeded to do what is expected, chew several small holes in the bags and then flip them out. She did dump both bags out, but the second one took her  awhile so I cut it short.

My favorite part of the clip is after she dumps the first tea bag, her behavior is to look for me coming. When I hear something fall and don’t know where she, it prompts me to come find her to see what she is getting into. I did not know she was conditioned to this. 🙂

Kiwi & The Artichoke

12 Apr

So awhile back I heard about giving your parrot an artichoke stuffed with food as an enrichment toy. An artichoke is actually bigger than my parrot, but yesterday I bought one any way to try.  This morning I put her pellets into the leaves with a few seeds & nuts to inspire her to forage.  I stuck it on her cage that she stays on during the day and took a few pictures.  It took her less than a minute to approach (which included looking at it upside down once) and reach it to pull out a small piece of walnut. She is so brave!  She only picked at it a few times, now she is preening and getting ready for a nap.  Maybe tonight when she is more into shredding she will dig in a bit more.

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Parrot dancing

18 Mar

My parrot is often on my desk while I work.  While on YouTube I found a video of Snowball, a Cockatoo dancing to “Another One Bites The Dust”.  If you have not heard of  parrots and their ability to keep perfect timing to music, click here for a news article.

I am not sure my bird is as good of a dancer however. She does like to dance to music and the little nasal tweet sound that she makes here is her way of singing. She is no Amazon parrot, but pretty cute none-the-less.

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