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On-line dog food

18 Jul

I live in a small town (8,000 people) and there used to be 2 pet stores. Now that one closed down the only place to get food is the Feed and Seed place. They carry some good foods but often do not have the kind I want or the right size bag.  Just found this website in Bark magazine called PetFlow. http://petflow.com

I have not bought food on-line before as the shipping is insane.  But this site has free shipping over a certain price, they offer special codes for free shipping, and even if you end up paying for shipping it is only $6.

I just bought a big bag of food so I won’t need any for a month, but when I do I am going to give them a try. The right food and th right size bag, always, and right to my door.  It is worth a shot anyway. Anyone heard of them or tried them already?


Kiwi & The Artichoke

12 Apr

So awhile back I heard about giving your parrot an artichoke stuffed with food as an enrichment toy. An artichoke is actually bigger than my parrot, but yesterday I bought one any way to try.  This morning I put her pellets into the leaves with a few seeds & nuts to inspire her to forage.  I stuck it on her cage that she stays on during the day and took a few pictures.  It took her less than a minute to approach (which included looking at it upside down once) and reach it to pull out a small piece of walnut. She is so brave!  She only picked at it a few times, now she is preening and getting ready for a nap.  Maybe tonight when she is more into shredding she will dig in a bit more.

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