Stuffed eyeballs

2 Apr

So Brodhi has had this stuffed toy for probably over 4 years- it is a shaggy yellow ball with sewn on eyeballs- like a little monster. Luna has been getting more and more confident and starting to play with toys around the house. I got her very excited about this toy the other day and she ripped it’s eyeballs off.

I considered it a victory because she has been so contained with play and in that moment she just let it go in her play bliss. I wouldn’t mind buying some new toys either. So the eyeballs fly off and she keep playing the the shaggy ball. Brodhi comes over because he notices that all of a sudden we have a new toy in the house. I let him pick up the eyeballs and he plays with them softly and gently in the way that Brodhi does for probably 5-10 minutes.

I love both of them- they have very different personalities and they make me laugh every day. I threw away the eyeballs of course as they are not really a safe dog toy, but I did keep the ball.  Now it is just a shaggy faceless monster.


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